In Season: Green Garlic


While I’ve been getting ready for season two of the square foot garden, I was able to harvest one last crop from last year that I managed to reap after a long, cold Winter.

During last fall, I decided to try growing green garlic, the quintessential gastronomic sign of early spring.

I broke up a head of garlic into cloves and planted them in one of the squares in the garden. Short green stalks shot up quickly, and then they stopped growing and remained like that for the winter. But, as it started warming up last month, they began growing again. Some of the outer leaves, which had withered and started turning brown, were now joined by new ones that were growing fast.

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Unilever to Cut Salt in All Products

Food giant Unilever says it will cut salt across its food products (more than 22,000) to target a dietary intake of 6g of salt per day by the end of 2010, with a further reduction targeting an intake of 5g per day for the end of 2015. Somewhere, Michael Bloomberg is smiling.


Haute for Half-Price?

The Wall Street Journal reports on chef and restaurateur David Burke and his ambitious efforts to woo customers by discounting dishes, putting wine on sale, and even negotiating the price of more expensive vintages.


Big Ag Not Keen on an Organic White House Garden

The London Times reports that big agriculture is upset by the Obamas' choice to go organic in their White House Garden, and that an industry group is (gently) urging the use of appropriate "crop protection products."


Batali on Food Disconnects

WNYC has a recording of a panel discussion with Mario Batali on "the disconnect between our taste in food and the taste of food."


Ethical Eating

Going green may be chic, but the ideal of simplicity requires complex choices.


The New York Times Ate My Slogan

You may have noticed that The Food Section logo looks a little scantily clad. Gone is the subheading/tagline "All the News That's Fit to Eat," a parody of the New York Times' famous slogan, "All The News That's Fit to Print."

Mastheadillustration Two days ago, I had the surprise of receiving a cease and desist letter from the New York Times demanding that I immediately remove the "All the News That's Fit to Eat" tagline because, in their words, the "use of this similar slogan capitalizes on the good will and reputation associated with the Times's trademark and constitutes trademark dilution and infringement."

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Times: All Atwitter Over Twitter

The New York Times discovers twecipes, covers the tete a tete between Restaurant Girl and her twitter doppelganger, and challenges readers to reduce a Times recipe to 140 words or less.


Cherry Blossom Festival, Harvest Time, and Beans and Brews


Blossom Cherry Blossom Festival
EN Brasserie (435 Hudson Street) is hosting its annual Sakura Festival. Sakura, the cherry blossom, is the national flower of Japan, and its annual bloom season is a cause for celebration throughout the country and the world. To replicate an evening of dining under pink cherry blossoms in Japan, the restaurant will be decorated in with the blooming flowers. As part of the experience, a special Sakura Kaiseki menu will highlight seasonal Japanese delicacies, incorporating the delicate blossoms within the dishes. The festival will take place from Sunday, April 26th through May 9th (details).

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