All About Tejate

Tejate, a Oaxacan blend of nixtamal corn, cacao beans, mamey seed, and rosita de cacao, tastes like "a cross between lilac flowers and cocoa, with the texture of a tepid Wendy's Frosty."


Smithfield Stock Falls Amid Swine Flu Outbreak

Pork giant Smithfield has seen its stock plunge by 12% in the face of the swine flu crisis.


Ruth Reichl Hams It Up

Gourmet editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl makes for a fairly convincing Amy Winehouse -- not to mention Mickey Rourke and Gene Simmons -- in this amusing video for the magazine's website.


Parker Rips Wine Bloggers

Wine critic Robert Parker writes that an upcoming conference of wine bloggers "look[s] like a big and free sloppy kiss and then some from the California wine industry." Via Fermentation.


Bespoke Breakfast Cereal

MeandgojiAt the [me] & goji website, you can create your own Custom Artisanal Cereal from among more than 50 ingredients, from dried blueberries to cacao nibs.

As you build your cereal, dragging and dropping thumbnail images of flakes, nuts, and dried fruits into a virtual bowl, a calculator computes the nutritional and caloric breakdown of your concoction. The cereal is packed in recyclable 21 ounce "cereal capsules." Prices vary depending upon ingredients.


Dining with Ludacris

Food & Wine visits rapper and restaurateur Ludacris at his Atlanta eatery Straits Atlanta, where Singaporean cuisine is on the menu.


Swine Flu Linked to Factory Farms is reporting -- based on Mexican press reports -- that the outbreak of swine flu may be traced to a Smithfield-owned pig farm in Perote, Mexico.


Chewing Gum Boosts Math Scores

A study conducted by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine, sponsored by the Wrigley Science Institute (no joke), found that teens who chewed gum while studying math had higher scores on standardized math tests.


Wine, Cheese, and Stimulus

The French government is spending $2.1 million to sponsor "French Cocktail Hour" party kits, complete with sparkling wine, Comté, and a Carla Bruni CD (no joke), to boost sluggish exports. Apply for your own here.


Big in Japan: Alcohol-Free Beer

A surprisingly high demand for Kirin Free, a new non-alcoholic drink which is being advertised as a soda with a beer-like taste, has led to shortages of the popular beverage.