Chewing Gum Boosts Math Scores

A study conducted by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine, sponsored by the Wrigley Science Institute (no joke), found that teens who chewed gum while studying math had higher scores on standardized math tests.



It also helps drummers keep rhythm. Amazing!

Since mint is known as a stimulant to enhance mental alertness, this would make sense. Although, I doubt it would work for Juicy Fruit or other flavors, except for the act of chewing, which, like any physical activity, helps with alertness to some degree. But then, so does toe tapping.

If they performed research on chewing Big Red (i.e., cinnamon flavor), I am sure they will find it is a mild aphrodisiac and a physical stimulant, as well.

I wonder what the research budget was for this study? I mean, come on!


~ Paula


Not surprised. When I taught elementary school, I let my students chew gum while taking those dreadfully long standardized tests. It kept their mouths busy, and I like to think that maybe a little burst of flavor helped them think more clearly!


Fascinating -- but this doesn't explain how Singapore, which has such amazing math scores internationally that U.S. high schools use "Singapore math" textbooks, BANS chewing gum and yet manages to churn out such geniuses.

Could it be possible that said math geniuses would actually be even *better* at math if they were allowed to chew gum during their tests? That's kind of scary...


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