Bespoke Breakfast Cereal

MeandgojiAt the [me] & goji website, you can create your own Custom Artisanal Cereal from among more than 50 ingredients, from dried blueberries to cacao nibs.

As you build your cereal, dragging and dropping thumbnail images of flakes, nuts, and dried fruits into a virtual bowl, a calculator computes the nutritional and caloric breakdown of your concoction. The cereal is packed in recyclable 21 ounce "cereal capsules." Prices vary depending upon ingredients.



Cacao nibs, blueberries... this sounds like my dream breakfast. Great find! Thanks for sharing.


thanks for the kind words Josh!

if anyone has questions about [me] & goji and creating a mix that meets their tastes or nutritional needs, you can e-mail me, one of the founders, directly at



What a great find! Thanks for sharing! I love that it gives you choices based on nutritional needs. We need more websites like that.


I couldn't find this article! I love using focaccia for sandwiches with some good salami, so I wanted to know why I shouldn't do that!


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