a·ru·gu·lance (noun): a (perceived) attitude of superiority and snobbery manifested in an appetite for pricey -- yet delicious -- peppery greens.

Arugula In an April 19, 2009 op-ed column in the New York Times titled "The Aura of Arugulance," Maureen Dowd wrote about the renowned chef and food advocate Alice Waters:

"She’s well aware of the criticism leveled at her in blogs for condescension and food snobbery. In a post on Friday called 'Alice in Wonderland,'National Review stirred the pot against her: 'The truth is, organic food is an expensive luxury item, something bought by those who have the resources.'

She says wryly: 'I’m just put into that arugulance place. I own a fancy restaurant. I own an expensive restaurant. I never thought of it as fancy. People don’t know we’re supporting 85 farms and ranches and all of that.'"

In an August 13, 2007 blog entry titled "Typical liberal arugulance," Conservative blogger Michael Bates critiqued then presidential candidate Barack Obama for his much-maligned remarks concerning the leafy green in July 2007.

Speaking before a group of farmers in Iowa, Obama had betrayed his knowledge of arugula: "Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula? I mean, they’re charging a lot of money for this stuff."



Wouldn't that be a-ru-gu-lance? Phonetically speaking........


Obama wouldn't have gotten into so much trouble if he had just called it rocket instead.


Well, I am tired of being served grass clippings with vinaigrette. I want crunchy lettuce like Romaine, and yes, even iceberg.


I don't buy the "organic is only attainable to the rich and famous" myth...I do believe that its a responsibility of Chefs and restauranteurs to provide organic and local produce whenever possible AT REASONABLE PRICES! I own a small cafe myself and we serve plenty of organic and "exotic" vegetables like arugula without charging an arm and a leg. Sure a lot of organics are more expensive, but not always, and not usually by that much, a lot of it has to do with what you're into and what your priorities are. I know lot's of people who say they can't afford to eat organic, they're blue collar Americans who work hard every day, and maybe live in a single wide trailer in the boonies, yet they drive a $40,000 to $50,000 SUV or sports car that costs $400 to $500 a month to keep filled with gas so they can drive to Sam's club and fill it full of Economy sized jumbo boxes of frozen "Hot Pockets" and "Doritos" to shove down their throats while they play on their $400 XBox connected to their $2500 plasma t.v.. Can't afford a $3-5 dollar bag of organic arugula to have a killer little salad? I don't think so...


I really love the organic food, is more healthy but, is sooo expensive.
only the famous and rich people can afford that luxury!


thanks admin for sharing this cool thing with us.




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