Hot or Not: Padma Lakshmi and a Carl's Jr. Burger?

In this new commercial for the fast food chain Carl's Jr., "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi brings new meaning to the term food porn as she eats a hamburger like she's kissing Leonardo DiCaprio, shows off a considerable degree of tongue dexterity at cleaning burger grease off her wrist, and spills a little special sauce on her lower leg.

Sexy? Absurd? Both?

Via The Atlantic.



sure makes me.....hungry


Well, now that she is a divorcee, maybe now my dream will come true by being her new leading man. Imagine that.....Padma and the "Psycho Chef" being as great a combo as that burger she's tickling!


You're joking, right? That is BEYOND hot.


What hamburger?


Why is this woman using sex to sell food allowed on TV but the PETA women simulating sex with veggies banned (from the Superbowl, no less)? Why I am even asking this? All one has to do is see the big honking piece of meat next to the big honking hooters, then think about who decides what is allowed on TV or not and there you have it- Big Brother is not only watching, he's deciding what you get to watch as well.


I sure hope she was paid a lot for making that ad.

Verdict: Totally Ridiculous!


Reason #102 why Padma is my secret girl crush...


This ad is targeting teenagers from immigrant families who typically don't eat beef or pork (i.e. Hindu or Muslim communities) and telling them that it is sexy to eat bacon burgers without their parents' knowledge. Padma Lakshmi is a sellout.


Ha ha ha! That's so funny! I wonder if she really likes the Western Bacon Cheeseburger... I wonder too, how much she got paid for this.

My friend wrote about his recurring dream about Padma and an Apple Fritter (PG13) - he wrote about it here:


just imagine her doing that to one of the men in her life... uuggghhhh! old ugly rushdie! are you serious?


I don't see anything wrong with making food sexy. True, it is a little ridiculous and over the top to get so "hot" over a burger but she's attractive, the burger looks good and I'm sure Carl's Jr. is benefiting from all this exposure.




c'mon! no one's ever slurped sauce or devoured bacon before?
Why not use a beautiful women to do the same?
Now if shes eating the burger... and I had one of those Burgers... Sienfeld was no fool.


Can someone remind me what is being advertised here? Padma or the burger?


Life is sexy. So what? Would we want it any other way? We can add any meaning we want to that commercial but some women are that sexy. They feel it, look it and every thing they do exudes it. Its a good thing not a bad thing. Now that ad can be manipulated by anyone to mean anything.

People that age in particular have a lot of sexuality that they are feeling. Very normal human stuff and it is the year 2009 folks.


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