Destination Seoul


Like its earlier Destination Japan collection, the MoMA store has created Destination Seoul, a collection of products created by young and emerging Korean designers. Most of the products, like these Forest Cups engraved with branch designs ($55), are typically found only in South Korea and are available exclusively at MoMA.

Below are highlights of some of the more gastronomically oriented items.

EggsaltpepperEgg Salt and Pepper Shakers Ceramic salt and pepper shakers nest together to form the shape of an egg ($25)

Sponge Sandwich sponge For washing dishes or for bathing ($10).

SpoonopenerSpooner Bottle Opener Stainless steel bottle opener is shaped like a spoon ($35).

RingNoodle Jewelry Brass ring shaped like farfalle (bow-tie) pasta ($95).

Napkins Spoon and Chopsticks Napkins Set of 30 paper napkins ($3).

Buscardholder Korean Meal Business Card Holders Novelty business card holders, either with a bowl of noodle soup or Korean BBQ. ($25 each).

SaltpepperBird and Cloud Salt and Pepper Shakers Porcelain ($38).



Thanks for this! I just bought the Beef and So-ju Biz Card Holder. Adorable.


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