Kitchen Mashups: Apron + Towel


How many ways can you re-engineer a towel?

From the minds behind the somewhat Elmo-esque Grab&Dry dish drying gloves comes the Zip&Dry, which mashes up an apron and a terry cloth dishtowel. Instead of wiping your hands all over your apron, the idea is to use the removable towel, which can be zipped off and washed separately. Available in blue, gray, and green (with contrasting towel) for $39.95 at Just Perfect.



Did anyone bother to the hand model she is about to cut her fingers off when she is wiping them with the towel? I thought the good news of this product was a towel with cut resistive properties based on the way she is holding the knife. I guess I was wrong.


I thought that that was what aprons are for - wiping your hands on anyway.


the site shows the model drying her hands, then produce, then the knife on the towel... gee... how sanitary is that? besides, the towel part keeps grazing the counter cabinets...

at $39.95 a piece, and i can get good, quick-dry kitchen towels at a quarter a piece retail. cheaper if i buy them by 10's.


What a neat idea!


This is great! So convenient.


I bought one and now I can't live without it. I can detach the towel and wash it any time, and it is always handy when I need it. Good job!


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