Extreme Potato Mashing


From the Department of Culinary Mashups comes the Spudski, a potato masher whose design is inspired by ski poles. The masher's unusual grip may be held from the side, slalom style, or with the palm on top. Its creators, Black + Blum, claim that the mashing plate is designed to push the mashed potato "away from the stem to help it mash faster and almost clean itself." $16 in red, green, or black at Charles & Marie.



That is something I could get into. I would feel so athletic, mashing potatoes with reckless abandon...


this one looks good. i could retire my pastry blender from mashing service if i could only get one of this at my side of the world.


Very nice, If there ever was a kitchen gadget to buy.

.. If only i wasn't a snowboarder..


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Fantastic! I need one of these - or should I get a pair? all the better to negotiate those tricky potato slopes... :)


What a great and hilarious concept! Too bad they don't come with quick release grips...=)


Perhaps there's an all-seafood version out there.


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