Wrapping Paper for Your Parmigiano


With Formaticum's Cheese Papers, you can wrap your cheese just like a cheesemonger. The coated two-ply papers allow cheese to breathe, unlike non-porous plastic wrap which can speed deterioration. The white sheets are printed with a map of U.S. cheese producers. A package of 15 11x14 sheets, plus 15 adhesive labels, is $7.50 at formaticum.com.



I've seen these at my local grocery store. I don't eat enough cheese that I'd want to invest in these, but if I DID have a nice wedge of well-aged Parmigiano, I might look into it...


Check out http://www.Selectcheeses.com it has an awesome selection of various cheeses from all around the world, and some pretty helpful evaluation tools as well!


This is great for someone like me, who guiltily throws out old chunks of cheese...


Never seen paper for cheese before thanks for sharing the info it's always great to find something out new.


this would have come in real handy wrapping up the leftovers last night at mom and pop's... they got so many cheeses at arthur avenue they gave me about five pounds of cheese to bring home with me to the city. my dad and i were struggling to wrap 'em in plastic. is plastic terrible for cheese anyway? thanks for the tip, josh!


In the Netherlands, when you buy cheese from a proper cheese purveyor, they give you a some cheese paper.


I use regular parchment paper and a rubberband to wrap cheese with great success.


Has anybody heard of wax paper? Not very fancy, but I've used it for years, just call me old fashioned. Besides good cheese is best eaten, not stored.


I use regular parchment paper and a rubberband to wrap cheese with great success


Now if only I could afford the giant wheel of Parmigiano....


Welp, I wish I'da known about this last week when I bought some cheese and it is ALREADY bad. I'll show my wife this post, she'll love it!


Awesome, we import cheese all the time and hate when it goes to waste.


This is great stuff that really extends the life of cheese by a remarkable amount. And one packet goes a long way unless you run a fromagerie!


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