A Cellar for Your Salt(s)

Saltcellar Here's a smart idea: Mario Batali's countertop salt cellar has two individual compartments, so you can keep your Kosher salt and your Maldon sea salt within easy reach while you're cooking. The barrel-shaped solid wood container is quite big (and heavy), so be forewarned if you happen to be short on counter space. $19.99 at Target.



I own 2 and they are absolutely fabulous


Just what we all need - a giant tub of salt on the counter. Oh, but it has TWO separate sections for kosher and regular salt. AND designed by another tub called Mario Batali.


We disagree about its utility, but I agree with you on the design. It does bear a striking similarity to the chef's physique.


Wow, so this bizarreness of fetishizing salt has reached the masses who shop at Target. Amazing. What can't be sold to the American public?


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