Lessley Anderson on Whole Foods Annoyances

"If I buy an apple and an Odwalla and stick it in my purse, why don’t I get the five-cent bring-your-own-bag credit? My purse is a bag!"



You are absolutely correct. People still think of "green" in a commercial manner rather than in a practical manner. Whole Foods is not yet thinking "walk out of the store with just the product(s) you bought" but "walk out of the store with a bag you brought in order to make a visible statement that is tied to the Whole Foods philosophy."


The Whole Foods thing about gettng .5 cent credit on your purchase if you bring in one of their bags...well I think it's about the fact that you bought one of their bags...if you buy our bag, we will give you a .5 cent credit. You walk out with our bag, you walk out with our name being advertised even if it's just from the store to your home.


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