Lunch, Batali Style


Mario Batali, style setter? In collaboration with watch manufacturer Cosmoda, the celebrity chef is expanding his retail empire by launching a line of designer lunch bags. The reusable bags, made to resemble handbags, messenger bags, and portfolios, feature insulated pouches, wipeable linings, and decidedly foodish colors (shades of "black pepper," "espresso," "pesto," and "persimmon"). Look for the bags, ranging from $25 to $45, to arrive at department stores and specialty retailers this October.



Can I buy one that comes with a side of lardo pizza? mmmmmm


i mean, what happened to the days of bringing lunch in a good old brown paper bag or a tin? personally i thk both look better than mr. batali's frivilous offerings above.


I love the black one... looks very "doctor" bag chic.


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What does this have to do with being a professional chef, other than opportunism and greed? There's too many celebrity chefs making thier money off of branding and hawking their goods. Most of this stuff is junk that no professional would ever use in a kitchen. Its utterly stupid. Shame on Batali! Most professional cooks can't even afford to buy his frivolous nonsense and he's catering to foolish yupies.


Hmmm not so sure about these. Lunch bags made by a watch maker for a chef? I'm so confused?! If you want a real lunch bag check out Hero Bags, they have a new USDA certified organic cotton lunch bag made in the USA. now that's a lunch bag!


Hey baghag, it's not "a" watch maker that makes lunch bags for Mario Batali. Maybe if you did your research, you wouldn't be confused.


Hey David! Re: greed and opportunism, it says on his website that a portion of the proceeds from these "frivolous" bags go to a charity (lunch box fund). Additionally, I am sick and tired of taking my reusable plastic containers in a plastic bag. These look way better than plastic or paper bags (which I don't buy) and they are reusable. So there you snobby snobs and killjoys!


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