The Five Percent Solution

Total5150gI've long been a fan of Total yogurt, the strained yogurt imported from Greece. It's thick, dense, creamy, and delicious. The 2% fat version is what I eat almost every day. The non-fat yogurt is a little too chalky for my taste, and I save the full-fat version (which contains a whopping 20 grams of fat per container) for special occasions, like a planting a big spoonful on top of fresh berries. But, I just discovered another version, Total 5%, which may just be the perfect yogurt. It's almost as creamy as full-fat Total, but without being a fat bomb (it contains 8 grams of fat), and it weighs in at only 130 calories per container.



I love that stuff.


I also eat the 2% every day. I was curious when I first saw the 5% version and how it could have such seemingly low fat and calories compared to the 2% and if I'm correct (it's not like I have the containers in front of me) the 5% is a smaller sized mini-tub. Maybe a few ounces less than the other versions. Total pre-portion controlled it, I think.



You are so right! According to the website, the 2% tub is 200 grams and the 5% is 150 grams. But, until you pointed it out, I didn't notice the size difference. Ignorance is bliss.


I don't beleive in eating the fat free stuff. This is the best yougurt.
And rememeber the Mediterranean diet is the best diet! the anticancer diet.


Fage is wonderful! I'm totally in love with their fruit-n-yogurt containers. Especially the honey! :)

I've had the 5% and the 2%--they are excellent, both plain, and with fruit--and both make *excellent* tzatziki!


Can folks in NYC get Liberté Méditerranée yogourt? It's from the province of Quebec so perhaps only we Canadians are fortunate enough to enjoy this luscious treat. It's 8% milkfat and comes in 12 flavours - I like mango/orange, black cherry, and moka. It's so fantastic and creamy that I only let myself have some on rare occasions.

They also have an apple pie flavoured yogourt in their regular 2.5% milkfat line.

If you find this brand (maybe at Whole Foods?) you should definitely give it a go. Yum. Yogourt.


Liberte is available here in MA and I've had a few. Not a big fan of the grain one, but the fruit ones are good, and insanely filling/fatty. Not sure I'd make them a daily item. And they can make me feel a bit fatted-out, which is quite an accomplishment!


Liberte is available at Fairway Market.


While I do enjoy Fage brand, it's really expensive compared to every other yogurt. I recommend Trader Joe's Greek Style Yogurt, it tastes every bit as good but you'll get a pint for under $3.

When I can't get that, I'll get a quart of Stoneyfield Organic and strain it with cheese cloth until it's incredibly thick and luscious! Thicker than Fage even.


Trader Joe's in LA has the Fage with a little pocket of honey attached--it's heavenly to mix in with the yogurt for breakfast or dessert--I'm totally addicted.


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