Passover Dessert Recipes


Desiring something different than the ubiquitous (but always delicious) flourless chocolate cake, I have been searching for something entirely new to make for Passover dessert this year.

I've had some success in Passovers past making Le Pain Quotidien's Belgian Brownies (above left), rich chocolate mini-cakes that, surprisingly, don't suffer at all from the absence of flour, as well as Joan Nathan's almendrados (above right), Spanish almond macaroons with a hint of lemon.

I've been collecting a number of great-looking recipes, which are posted below. Most are nut-based cakes from food magazines and newspapers, along with two from Joyce Goldstein's Cucina Ebraica (thanks Google Books!). There's also an amazing-looking cookie recipe and one for lemon mini-cakes.

»Orange-Almond Flan [New York Times]
»Orange-Almond Cake [New York Times]
»Pan di Spagna alle Nocciole (Passover Hazelnut Sponge Cake) [Joyce Goldstein]
»Bocca di Dama (Passover Almond Sponge Cake) [Joyce Goldstein]
»Almond-lemon torte with fresh strawberries [Bon Appétit]
»Lemon Cakes With Basil Lemon Syrup [Gourmet]
»Italian Almond Cake [Food & Wine]
»Walnut-Date Torte [Gourmet]
»François Payard’s Flourless Chocolate-Walnut Cookies [New York]

Looking for more ideas? Be sure to also check out Smitten Kitchen for an extensive list of 17 dessert recipes, many of which have been given a test run by Deb in her own kitchen (plus photographic proof of the outstanding results).

I'm currently leaning toward either Joyce Goldstein's hazelnut cake, Gourmet's lemon cakes, Tamasin Day-Lewis' orange-almond cake, or the chocolate-walnut cookies. What are you making? And, do you have more ideas? Share them in the comments.

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Oh man. My 17 ideas and your 11 ideas are killing any (limited) ability I had to make decisions. I'm *this* close to making miniatures of everything.


You're right. This isn't helping matters!
For your own sanity, I hope you don't go and make them all (but, we'll be cheering you on if you do).


You think you've got it bad? It's Sunday. I'm a Vietnamese shiksa with a mother-in-town, hosting my first Seder, started researching what to do & make at about 10p last night & was up till 2a doing so. Holy Haggadah Batman. Gotta hit the market now. Oh... & it's my mother-in-law's birthday too, so gonna make a flourless chocolate cake (I'll go with what works). Crap!... need birthday present... wish me luck...prayers appreciated.


I will definitely have to give these recipes a shot! These are some great ideas for some delicious desserts. I love to bake so this will give me some excuses to get in the kitchen!


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