Holdable Honey


The Honibe Honey Drop works like a sugar cube for those who'd rather sweeten their tea with honey. John Rowe, creator of the drops, says he was inspired to create a "non-messy" honey after an unfortunate camping trip involving a broken jar of honey, a backpack, and a sticky mess. Because the single-serving drops won't stick like liquid honey, they might be particularly useful for tea drinkers on the go. According to Rowe, unlike other dried honey products on the market, his drops are made of 100% natural honey and contain no binding agents or additives such as sugar or corn syrup. $11.99 for a box of 20 (plain or flavored with lemon) at Honibe.



says he was inspired to create a "non-messy"


I think this type of honey is not really natural because seems to be somehow modified. I just want natural honey, not this modified honey.


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