2007 Guide to Holiday Gift Guides


Still searching for a gastronomical gift for your food-centric friends and loved ones? The Food Section has scanned the pages of food magazines, newspaper food sections, and food websites to bring you a compendium of holiday gift lists -- the 2007 Food Section Guide to Holiday Gift Guides, a collection of links to recently published articles on food-friendly gifts for the holidays.

Cookbooks and Other Food Reads
»Books for the Food Cognoscenti [Food & Wine]
»Holiday Books: Cooking [New York Times]
»Broaden a Cook’s Culinary Horizons 11 Ways [New York Times]
»Cook's Books [San Francisco Chronicle]
»Best Cookbooks for a Great Season [Los Angeles Times]
»The Best Cookbooks of 2007 [epicurious]
»Top Ten Reads [Saveur]
»Five books to help you become a chef by New Year's! [Salon]
»A list of books for the cooks in your life [Newsday]
»Gift Books for the Cook [Mercury News]
»Best of 2007: Twenty books from 2007 that made the cut [Leite's Culinaria]

Things to Eat and Other Food Stuff
»Gourmet's Online Gift Guide [Gourmet]
»Winter 2007 Gift Guide [CHOW]
»Gift Guide: Restaurants and Bars [Time Out New York]
»Crazy Good Gift Guide [Serious Eats]
»Holiday Shopping [Cravings]
»Holiday Gifts for Collectors [New York Sun]
»Holiday Gift Guide 2007 [Food & Wine]
»Tasteful Giving [New York Times]
»Good Giving [Saveur]
»Holiday Favorites List 2007 [101 Cookbooks]
»2007 Holiday Gift Guide [YumSugar]
»Stuff I love and Stuff I Want: Things for the Kitchen [not martha]
»2007 Holiday Gift Guide for the Bento Fan in Your Life [Just Bento]

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Thanks for the information! My husband is a large food fanatic, he spends all day on his foodie blog posting up new recipes or things he would like to try. This has certainly given me some great ideas for gifts!


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