Cereal Killer


I have just discovered my new favorite breakfast cereal, Dorset Cereals. The cereals, made in Prince Charles' model village Poundbury, are low in sugar and packed with dried fruit, seeds, and nuts (50 percent). Somewhere on the spectrum between between granola and flakes, my favorite version so far is "Super Cranberry, Cherry, and Almond," which blends cranberries, cherries and almonds with giant Chilean flame raisins, sultanas, sunflower seeds, and toasted wheat and barley. The company also makes muesli, porridge, and "Chunky Slices" (breakfast bars, as far as I can tell). While I found the cereals at my local Whole Foods, information on where to find them elsewhere in the U.S. is, unfortunately, scant.



Their stuff is getting pretty popular over here in the UK where it is made. The porridge is new for this winter so I haven't tracked down any to try yet but I particularly like their spelt based cereals.

It seems a bit sad to export plain 'ol cereal all that way though, even if it is really good. Hopefully if it gets more popular they can start making it over your way.


I discovered this stuff a few months ago, but luckily most shops in the UK stock it :)


Yes, great tasting natural products which have stirred some of the sleeping giants of the cereal world here in the UK!
During these winter months I highly recommend their Apple and Raisin Porridge - YUM.


For a while here, reading the title "Cereal Kill" I was thinking about rice blast, a disease in rice that I am working on! :)


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