Passover Postscript


While Passover is, of course, still in effect, my observance of the holiday has been lackluster save for the traditional egg matzo with whipped butter for breakfast. For last Monday's seder, I did make Joan Nathan's recipe for almendrados, almond macaroons with a hint of lemon, and they came out successfully (though I almost risked over-baking them). Bake the cookies too long and they'll harden up by the time you're ready to eat them. They're incredibly easy to make, as long as you leave time for the dough (simply almonds ground with lemon zest, sugar, and an egg) to sit overnight in your refrigerator, and they're a huge, huge improvement on store-bought coconut macaroons.




Huge fan of your blog, and these macaroons were a massive hit of our passover. I like to tinker with recipes, so I added a couple teaspoons of fragrant orange flower water with wonderful success. The only other modification I had to make was a slightly longer baking time, to allow the extra moisture to evaporate. The orange flower water contributed a unique, beautiful fragrance that delighted everyone. Even picky kids could not stop eating them.


I also made this recipe, and in addition to taking it to a seder, took a batch to friends for Easter. GONE INSTANTLY!!
I agree about the slightly longer baking time; I kept them in for more like 10-11 mins, but got them out while still chewy. They stay pretty white even after that amount of time, so you think they're not done, but they are, and taste WONDERFUL.


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