Year of the Pig Stamps: Neither Sweet Nor Sour


I recently posted about some new Chinese stamps printed to celebrate the Year of the Pig that reportedly tasted and smelled like sweet and sour pork. But, when TFS reader Jennifer wrote in questioning the veracity of the story, pointing to this article skeptical of the claims, I headed to eBay to purchase a set of the scratch 'n sniff stamps and see (and smell and taste) for myself.

Unless my stamp-tasting palate is in serious decline, I regret to report that, when scratched, the stamps bear no smell and the back tastes simply of glue (without even the faintest hint of pork).



Say it isn't so! I purchased a set on ebay as well as a valentine's day present.


I didn't buy them - but it would make a very novel gift!


Oh no! How disappointing. I already told all my stamp collecting friends (ok, one stamp collecting friend) to get them. I guess they're still cute.


No sweet-n-sour pork here either...mine had more of cashew chicken scent with a just hint of ginger...yum.

seriously. just kidding!


I was hoping that the story would prove true, but I doubted that the Chinese postal service would have a sense of humor. But thanks for doing the legwork and stamp-licking to check out the story!


Thank you so very much for taking the time to share…very useful, indeed!


Thank you for sharing them with us , I think it's worth reading


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