Early to Market in Bisceglie


The drive from Bari's airport to Bisceglie is deceptive. The landscape is marked by an incredible amount of modern development: big box stores, a giant outlet mall, and huge cranes building new apartments. But, peel back a layer of the Apulian onion, and you'll find along the coast the old whitewashed towns with narrow streets that wind their way up out of the Adriatic.

I got up early on my last day in Bisceglie and walked along the water into the old city center, where there was an incredible market. The fishermen head out early from the town's small harbor, pushing colorful wooden boats against the tide, and return with a jaw-dropping bounty of seafood -- octopus, squid, clams, oysters, and silvery, glassy-eyed fish. Adjoining the fish market was a vegetable market teeming with fresh produce -- bright fall persimmons, puntarella, pears, olive dolci (fresh, uncured olives), and green and purple artichokes with stems as long as your forearm.

Below is a slideshow of photos (click directly on the photo to advance; refresh your browser to return to the beginning):



Great photos, Josh.
It puts me in the mood for a little fruite de mar.


Love these photos!



Really impressed by these photo's


Hi, enjoyed your photos and info on bisceglie. I'm heading there at the end of June- could you recommend any restaurants?


Not in Bisceglie, but nearby is an amazing place called Masseria Barbera, where we had a private dinner. I don't know if they offer regular restaurant dining, but if they do, it's amazing.


Nice hosting! It’s my first time to read like this article.


Nice hosting! It’s my first time to read like this article.


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