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Happy (belated) birthday to The Food Section! The official third anniversary of this site took place back in July, which I somehow neglected to acknowledge amid the hubub of work, blogging, and writing.

Creating this site has been an incredible experience for me, one that I never would have imagined when I wrote my first post back in July 2003 (that’s an early iteration of the banner, above, if you’re new to TFS). While food blogs have now become almost commonplace (and practically de rigeur in the mainstream media), when I started this site, the idea of self-publishing writing and photography about food online felt completely novel. I have to be completely honest that I had no idea where the site would go, but I am incredibly grateful for all of the recognition and opportunities it has afforded thusfar.

I want to thank all of the readers who visit the site on a regular basis, and even those who still come here only searching for links to scantily clad photos of Rachael Ray. I’m always looking to improve the site, so please drop me a line if you have any suggestions. And, I also want to thank the contributors who have added their voices to TFS over the past year: Renée Kaplan, Melissa McCart, and Jessica Ritz.

P.S. Speaking of contributors, our official summer intern, Jane Lopes, has spent her last virtual day at TFS and has headed back to the University of Chicago. A special thanks to Jane for all of her hard work on the Agenda and MarketWatch, which goes on a hiatus in her absence. If there are any folks out there interested in being an intern at The Food Section this fall, let us know.

Thanks again, and keep reading!



Happy, Happy Birthday !

What an accomplishment! Relish in it! ( no pun intended!)

I justlove reading your stuff.. just love it!

Wish you many more years of success!

gg - San Francisco


Happy Birthday to Josh and The Food Section--

Your site is really an inspiration to all of us would-be bloggers and a great resource for those of us who would like to do more with our culinary selves.

Keep up the good work.

Rebecca in Manhattan


Josh, happy belated birthday to TFS - you have and always will be my inspiration.


happy birthday !!! This is such a wonderful site, and I'm so happy I stumbled upon it. May we enjoy many many more years with you! :D


Happy Birthday! I'd take the intership if it included room & board (in Manhattan) but with the little one, I'm sure space is tight. *sigh*


Hey Josh,

Happy Belated to The Food Section! You've been an inspiration and I too wish that I could intern...if only to be in New York again!


Thanks everyone for all the kind words. I'm humbled.

David -- sure, come and share a room with our daughter, but if you even try to slip her any of your sweet, super-caffeinated chocolates, you will suffer the consequences of a wired 11-month old who will not sleep!


Happy belated b-day! I've enjoyed this site for a long time, it's such a great resource.


Happy Belated Blog Birthday! I love your site - everything about it. Here's to many more good years.


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