Baby Be of Use

Baby, Make Me Breakfast

Food-inspired books for children abound, but Lisa Brown's "Baby Be of Use" series takes a subversive spin on the feel-good genre, typified by volumes like First Book of Sushi ("Ikura, squishy salmon roe like dabby dots of jelly, salty on my lips and yummy in my belly!"). With bright, bold artwork, Lisa Brown’s Baby, Make Me Breakfast and Baby, Make Me a Drink aren’t just collections of pretty pictures of food and clever rhymes. Instead, these books aspire -- with tongue firmly planted in cheek -- to teach the littlest gastronomes-in-training how to cook mommy breakfast and mix up a tray full of cocktails. Baby, Fix My Car and Baby, Do My Banking round out the series. $9.00 at The McSweeney's Store.



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