Belgian Brownies


Passover desserts always strike me as antithetical to the whole "remember we were slaves in Egypt" theme of the holiday. Sweetness is typically on overload either to compensate for the absence of flour or to cover up the use of matzo as an ingredient. It's particularly hard to reflect on suffering while eating these Belgian Brownies, for example, which boast nine ounces of chocolate, more than eight ounces of butter, five eggs, and over a cup of sugar.

The dessert comes from Belgian bakery chain Le Pain Quotidien, and the recipe originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times Culinary SOS column. The recipe has since mysteriously disappeared from the newspaper's online archives. However, thanks to Los Angeles Times/New York Times recipe chronicler Luisa, you can find the recipe over at her blog, The Wednesday Chef. I followed the instructions with one minor modification, substituing matzo cake meal for the scant three tablespoons of flour called for in the original recipe.

I wondered how the matzo flour would work as a substitute, but the recipe turned out fantastic . . . and fantastically rich (each little cakelet contains a whopping 326 calories and 24 grams of fat!). Warm from the oven, they resemble a crumbly version of a molten chocolate cake. After they cool, the caps deflate a bit, leaving a slightly denser, but still moist center beneath the crackled top. The only thing that might make them better would be some ice cream on the side. As the Haggadah says, next year in Jerusalem!



What's a few calories? If we are going to splurge, why not go for the best. Enjoy!



I heard a song by Jewish group on NPR called "They Tried to Kill Us, Now Let's Eat."


Josh - I'm thrilled that you enjoyed these and that the matzo-meal substitution worked out fine.


Luisa, thanks so much for the inspiration! They're delicious. The matzo cake meal is strange stuff. It really resembles flour in its texture and appearance. It worked fine in such a small substitution.


Nine ounces of chocolate - YUM!


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