Late Bird Gets the Worm


TFS reader Suzanne snaps this fuzzy photo of Trader Joe's signage going up this a.m.:

"hastily snapped this picture with my handy cameraphone (what did we do before cellphones??) while riding the crosstown 14D. admittedly, i was a little late for work, but if i'd been on time, i wouldn't have caught this sign going up! looks like Trader Joe's will be open any day now!"

Any day now? Special prize for photos of Frank Bruni stopping in to feed his sun-dried tomato spread addiction.



According to the Post or the Daily News (not sure which)'s set to open March 2 weeks. Though I peek inside every day, and they've had some dry goods on the shelves for at least a week.


I was so excited about the news of it's opening, I put up a post about it myself:


It's officially March 17! Why can't any of you crazy ass bloggers just call the number on the web page to get the official word and stop saying "according to *insert third party here*"!

East Coast & Midwest
(CT, DE, IL, IN, MA, MD,

117 Kendrick Street
Suite 700
Needham, MA 02494
(781) 455-7319

Give it a call and the woman you talk to (that's right, not automated, a real person) is very nice and will tell you March 17th is official.


Where is this location?


Thanks Rose!

Paul, you're absolutely right. But isn't this more fun?

Larry, the store is opening at 142 E. 14th St., near Third Avenue (Union Square).


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