Home from Amsterdam






We've finally returned home from our trip to Amsterdam.

Despite a bout with stomach flu that sacked us on our last two days (blame the "Flemish fries" with mayo?), we had a wonderful time exploring Amsterdam. It's a lovely city, even in the drab, wet weather of February.

Not only was the trip an opportunity to go somewhere we had always wanted to visit, we also got to meet a bunch of fellow bloggers whom we had only "known" previously through their online presences. After years of reading 101 Cookbooks, I was very excited to finally meet its creator, Heidi, for the first time. Plus, we also got to know some of the people behind a number of culture, gossip, and music blogs -- namely David, Trent, Rachel, Liza, Frank, and Glenn -- who made the trip the same time we did.

With my fever slowly subsiding, look for posting to return to normal starting next week, beginning with some gastronomical highlights from our Amsterdam adventure.



Hope you feel better soon!
gg ~ San Francisco


Welcome back, Josh - looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous pictures. Take care.


I am feeling better, finally! Thanks, Keiko. I'm flattered. I have to say that calling my pictures georgeous is quite a compliment coming from such a master photog.


You have a great eye for pictures! Wish I could've been there. Just signed up for BlogAds. Should've done it a looong time ago. Damn!


Josh did you see any french fry dispensers? Curious...


Thanks Eddie. I'm sure you would have been diving into the canals in search of eel.

gg: I didn't see the french fry machines, though I did see all the febo automats, which we stayed away from except for one brief experiment.


Oh, and speaking of LA in NYC, have you heard that there is a JavaJuice in the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle? More are apparently on the way. I'm really hoping for an In n' Out Burger on the east coast soon!


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