Rome: Random Acts of Eating


MfitaliathFor your dining pleasure: Above and below, a random selection of food porn from Rome -- from candy and grattachecche (shaved ice with syrup) to Cose Fritte (fried things) and Brooklyn Gum.












What great pictures. That shaved ice looks fabulous. And how does the chewing gum compare? Didn't know you had to go to Italy to get "brooklyn" gum!


"Fritto Misto".... Love.. love.. love it! A mainstay in every region of Italy! And being offered with aioli or marinara sauce for dipping is to die for!

Is is so people are actually having house parties with traditional combinations of seafood and vegetables, dipped in milk, dredged in flour and deep-fried in olive oil....YUM!

Invite me! Sounds like the Fritto Misto craze is taking the place of the retro Fondue and Tapas parties! What do you think?


Wow, always wanted to visit rome! Great pictures.


Thanks! I never tried the Brooklyn chewing gum (we took home a pack, but it has disappeared somewhere upon our return . . .). However, it seems to have a real following. There are a number of places in New York City that import the gum, and it was the subject of a nice Daily News piece, which is now lost to the NYDN archives.

GG: I'd gladly trade a fondue party for a fritto misto party any day.


Perhaps there's an all-seafood version out there.


Yummy the first pics look like sour powers, they taste soo good, but are full of sugar.


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