Press Sighting: New York Times


Today's New York Times includes an article I wrote on the current popularity of pork -- as ingredient, subject of books and blogs, and inspiration for art and design projects high and low. You can find the article online and in print in the Fall 2005 issue of T:Living, The New York Times Style Magazine.

The piece is packed with a number of references to pork-related items. Here's a handy list of links to more information about them online:

»Momofuku Noodle Bar.
»New York Magzine's preview of Del Posto.
»Heritage Foods USA.
»Pig Perfect, by Peter Kaminsky.
»Niche food blogs: Bacontarian, The Bacon Show, and I Heart Bacon.
»Artist Victoria Reynolds' work can be found at the Richard Heller Gallery.
»Accoutrements' bacon bandages.
»Thwart Design's bacon bracelets and pork chop piggy bank.
»Matty Sallin's Wake n' Bacon clock.

Bonus Links
Still hungry? Here are two more noteworthy pork projects. Pig out:

»Whole Hog: How to Eat a Big Fat Pig, an online cooking journal by writer Heather Irwin.
»The Kentucky Bacon Oral History Project, the latest oral history project by Southern Foodways Alliance oral historian (and TFS contributor) Amy Evans.



Juicy! The NY Times is where you belong, Josh. And I actually heard that "The Food Section" is the new black. Good work.


Hi Josh - you wrote that article? Cool! I read it and really enjoyed it, not knowing that you were the writer.


Great article. But a question: "The roasted bones infuse the broth for his ramen, served with a confit of pork shoulder and pork belly cooked in smoked pork fat."

Won't that bring about an early demise? Not a bad way to go, all things considered, but I'm just saying is all...


What a treat. I've been a loyal reader of your blog, love it. Suddenly I discover that you have written about my son Matty and Wake N bacon. Delightful article and a delightful surprise.

Again congratulations on your new taste tester and recognition in Food & Wine.



I'm a vegetarian, but I enjoyed reading the article on the pervasiveness of pork. Here's a t-shirt I think you would enjoy:


Would love to read you article Pig is Big but the link takes me to NYT archives. Must I pay to read it?

You're doing a great job.


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