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Hooray! We have a new staff member here at The Food Section! Anya Lucia Friedland officially joined us on Friday, October 14, at 2:32 p.m. (8 pounds, 19.5 inches). Anya is currently training as the official breast milk sommelier of TFS.

We just returned home from the hospital on Sunday. While we adjust to life with our beautiful new baby girl, this site will be on a brief hiatus.



Welcome to the world, Anya! So many tasty adventures ahead of you...

Mazel tov, Josh and Mrs. Josh! She's absolutely gorgeous.


Congratulations! Melissa and I wish everyone well.




Congratulations! Anya is just beautiful and what a lovely name. Best of luck to the three of you!


ANYA--who could ask for anything more?????

Hugs to both of you.


Josh - SHe is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations.. what a lovely name too.. Anya. Perfect. Just perfect.

God bless you all -- sending best wishes and hugs your way.


Wow, what a beautiful girl, and name too! And love the clever post about your new staffer :) Hilarious.Congratulations to you and yours!


Congrats! So, so beautiful (and pink).


Tanti auguri!
She is beautiful.




Gorgeous! Congrats!


Gorgeous! Congrats!


Mazel Tov! She's beautiful!


She's Beautiful. Anya Sure Has Plenty Of Yummy Treats Coming Her Way. God Bless!


Awwwwww...So sweet! Could eat her up with spoon! (Appropriate for this web site - but perhaps I'll opt for a pinch of the cheek, rather than cannibalism.) Congratulations!!!


Very pretty baby. Congratulations!

Disappointed that Brooklyn Eats food event isn't listed on this site. What are they--chopped livuh? (Having attended a recent wedding in the park there, I had the pleasure of discovering a really good restaurant nearby called Magnolia, and I'm sure there are others in Brooklyn--so, I was hoping to see some kind of review.)


Not all babies are cute. This one is. Nice round head, too.


She's gorgeous! Congratulations!


Oh my gosh, Josh, congratulations! She's beautiful.


Welcome, Anya Lucia and congrats on your full head of hair! Make sure you hop on pop a lot and have him read you lots of Dr. Seuss.

That's all for now.


Felicitations Josh - all the best to the missus and the wee one.

Let's see how Anya affects your blog posting frequency...

Good luck.


Happy parenthood! She's precious.
And if she's anything like my daughter you'll all be sleeping through the night in a swift 17 months. Congratulations!


Congratulations to you and yours! She's such a beautiful baby girl... looking forward to seeing how the new staff member is doing!


Mazal Tov, what a wonderful present for the New Year!


She is so beautiful..... Seeing her make me want to have another one!


Josh, such a wonderful news! She is absolutely gorgeous, congratulations!


What sweetness! Congratulations all around to the happy family.


Josh, Saw some pictures sent by your Dad. Congratulations!


Wow! Our thanks to everyone for all of your warm wishes. We appreciate it.


I'm so late to this, been rushing around strange parts with hardly any time to fuss with the internets.

Congrats Josh! Have you given pretty little Anya her first assignment yet? She could do a review of babyfood, no?



Congratulations!!! Welcome to the most exciting and involving stage of life! Our boy just had his very first Thanksgiving dinner and it was a delight to watch him discovering the wonders of gravy and stuffing. All the best for the future - she's gorgeous!!


I always gain new ideas here. very goo site. I give you 10 out of 10.


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