Liguria: Random Acts of Eating


MfitaliathBeyond our afternoon trip to Camogli, we also ventured further to Chiavari, located a few villages down the coast in the opposite direction.

Below, from top to bottom, is photographic documentation of random acts of eating in all three towns: Candy (Santa Margherita), focaccia (Chiavari), focaccia layered with tomato and cheese and with eggplant (Chiavari), fritto misto (Chiavari), gelato cones (Santa Margherita), gelateria sign (Santa Margherita), pistachio gelato (Camogli), prosciutto and melon (Santa Margherita), grilled scampi (Chiavari), caffe shakerato (Santa Margherita), trenette al pesto (Santa Margherita), trofie al pesto (Santa Margherita).















Wow - don't you just love Italy?


Hi Josh,

All I can say is WOW! Everything looks so delicious!


Your trofie con pesto have brought forth a rush of memories from my time in Liguria. Perhaps, I consumed trofie a dozen times in the region, every restauranteur heralding his version as the greatest local specialty. Usually, these claims were overrated. But like all great foodstuffs, there exist transcendental aberrations - examples that typify a dish instead of pay homage. Though I can't taste your photograph, the power of such eye-opening food is to rush a taste memory to the fore of my mind, letting me taste it anew. Thanks Josh!

PS: Drop me an email or gimme a call - i hope to have some interesting news.


I can assure you that all of it was delicious too.


I'm fighting the temptation to buy a plane ticket to Italy after seeing those gorgeous, evocative images...


Sorry I didn't realize your trip to the region before... Could have recommended a whole lot, lived around chiavari for 1,5 years. Looks great, what you had...


Oh, good lord. I want to eat. it. all.

A trip to Europe can't possibly come fast enough.


Wow! Your photos--especially of the fritto misto, the scampi, the pistachio gelato (my favorite) and the pastas with pesto--are amazing and making me drool. Next trip to Europe will have to include Liguria. Until then, I'm going to whip up a batch of trenette al pesto with green beans and potatoes and hope it tastes as good as your photo looks.


Damn those pictures are unreal.
I'm dyin here and want to go to Italia NOWWWW!


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Very delicious :)


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