Baby Gastronomy


MfitaliathThe green glow of the farmacia's neon cross heralds not only the wonders of Proraso shaving cream and 600 mg. tablets of ibuprofen, but unique insights into the food culture of Italy's littlest gastronomes.

On a visit to Santa Margherita's Farmacia A. Pennino, we noticed shelves and shelves of baby food products (see below) that suggest modern Italian bambini get a very early introduction to the glories of cured pork, biscotti, and pasta.






How adorable! I wish I was an Italian baby.


I love it. Those pictures are hilarious!!!

Italian babies are so lucky!


Now you see, if American babies were raised this way, our children would probably not gorge themselves with junk food. I've always admired the cultures that expand their children's palates early in life. Great find!


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Babies should eat in the first place milk. Natural milk from their mothers is enough so the baby can grow strong and healthy.


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