Camogli: Market Day


MfitaliathWest of Santa Margherita lies ritzy Portofino, the tiny village of San Fruttuoso, and then Camogli, which is almost sedate in comparison to Santa Margherita. Via Garibaldi, the main road that follows Camogli's shore, is pedestrian-only. Walking along and taking in the view (above) of the pebbly beach lined with colorful umbrellas, the buzz of Santa Margherita's scooters and smart cars fades into distant memory.

We had previously spent a week in Camogli on our honeymoon, and we were eager to return for an afternoon visit. The drive took us along the shore toward Portofino and then high into the hillside above before descending back down to the coast. This challenge was not only navigational but physical, as I woke up that day with a pulled muscle in my neck. Luckily, the ibuprofen kicked in, and we made it down to the bottom of the village in one piece.

When we finally arrived, we discovered it was market day. The east end of Camogli's main shopping strip (a steep flight of steps above Via Garibaldi) was filled with vendors offering a bounty of vibrant fruits and vegetables. Here are a few pictures.










Lucky you! I've been to Italy three times now and never hit one of these weekly markets. I have been to a couple of the everyday markets, but I imagine these have a character all their own.


Hi Josh,

What beautiful photos. I think I need to visit Italy again soon. Maybe in 2007.


Great shots! I'm a markets addict. There's something so energising and tactile about it. I love that shopping in action shot too.


How beautiful are they?


Mmmmm, what a great memory - my husband and 11-year old daughter were in Camogli exactly a year ago after a 9-hour flight to Nice and a 6 hour drive. We arrived on the Via Garibaldi at 10pm starving and exhausted, sat down at a trattoria, and had the best trenette and Rosso di Montalcino of our lives. My daughter even said, "I feel great, and this is the best pasta I've ever had!" :-)


en 1950 je venai chez la cousine de mon père anna molinari, j'ai mème été à l'école à camogli, son frère est parti un jour aux usa sur un bateau mis plus de nouvelles, qui pourrait me donner des nouvelles , famille molinari, moi c'est edouard rubini mon grand-père jean -bapthise était agent de change en france et en italie il repose au cimetière de florence, sa mère famille piétri il demeuraient à milan, notre famille était proche du roi d'italiedans les années 1900, chers tous aider moi amicalementédouard20.


depuis longtemps pas de nouvelles de ma famille pourtant c'est nous qui avont fait l'histoire ,mon grand père était agent de change à Paris et nous sommes dans l'actualité , moi j'en rigolle ,amicalementédouardrubini.


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