On July 7, when I was still happily ensconced in Rome, this blog turned two!

For the bivalve-challenged, the clam illustration above is meant to evoke the theme of this site's inaugural post on July 7, 2003, and one-year anniversary in 2004.

Not to get too sentimental here, but creating this site has been an amazing experience. Not only has it provided an incredible outlet for my interest in all things food-related, from cooking to dining to food history and ephemera, but it's also been a way to connect with people with shared interests whom I never would have imagined interacting with before starting this site. It's something I could not have imagined in any way when I created the site two years ago.

My thanks to everyone who reads this site. Thank you so much for your interest and support, and if you ever have any feedback, ideas, or comments, please contact me.



Congrats on the anniversary, Josh! Glad to have you back and to see you had a great time. Here's to many more years of good food.


Congrats Josh! We missed you yesterday at the 2nd food blogger gathering (some *really* good food was had by all!), but we're planning to get together again soon and I will of course let you know the details!


Happy blog-anniversary! Looking forward to many more...


Huzzah! and many happy returns of the day!


Hi Josh,

Congratulations in reaching another milestone in food blogdom! Wishing you all the best in the years ahead!


Welcome back. You do a great job and I look forward to your tales of Italy.


Thanks everyone. Keep reading!


Joyeux anniversaire! It's always a pleasure to visit your site, keep up the great writing!


Thank you so very much for taking the time to share…very useful, indeed!


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