Destination: Italy


For the next few weeks, The Food Section will open its passport once again for the fifth edition of Moveable Feast. Earlier installments of this ongoing feature have taken this site to Saigon, Montreal, Florence, and Washington, DC, for an immersion into food culture beyond New York City.

This time, our destination is Italy for a gustatory tour in three acts: First, we head to the seaside resort town of Santa Margherita on the coast of Liguria. Next, we ride down the Autostrade to Grosseto in the Maremma region of Tuscany. And, finally, it's on to Rome, where we conclude our visit and return to New York City.

Italophiles, take note: This won't be a comprehensive account of everything one can, should, and must eat on a visit to these three places. With only two weeks in total (and, in particular, only three days in Rome), there is so much more to see and taste. Yet, with hundreds of photographs and some rapidly slipping memories, I hope to share some personal insights into the gastronomical encounters experienced on our Italia '05 travels.

BLUR Above, a scooter speeds by on the coastal road linking Rapallo and Santa Margherita and continuing west to Portofino.



Wow ! I'm in Rome, let me know if you need some advice ! Bye and enjoy yourself in our wonderful County !!!


I am so jealous! Rome is such a beautiful city. I prefer the food in Naples and further south, but Romans do know how to cook. They have a very unique cuisine. However, my favorite food in Rome is the pizza they wrap up in paper, two square pieces put together like a sandwich. You can walk and eat pizza at the same time. Beautiful!


Hi Josh,

I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation and I'm anxious to hear about it!


Ack, I'm back now in New York, Laura. Next time, I will consult your expert advice!

Rachel, do you have to remind me like this of what I am missing?

Thanks Reid. I'm slowly putting it all together . . .


Of all the ancient places, Italy is the closest to my heart. It is were I encountered the love of my life and were I tied a knot. This year we will relive all our happy moments in Italy. Our first stop is Venice and we will end in Rome. I am raring to go and excited to cherish fond memories. Italy for me is the most aesthetic place on earth.


Italy is a very nice place where to spend a vacation. People a nice if you are not from Romania.


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