Shopping List: Pesach Granola


As the tradition of Passover persists year after year, so do the myriad efforts by Jews to improve upon eight long days without leavened bread. One moment, we're solemnly remembering and reflecting on weighty themes of slavery and suffering, symbolized in matzo, the "bread of affliction," next thing we're doing anything we can to turn the stuff into something else, from matzo pizza to caramel matzo crunch (not to mention flourless chocolate cakes and cookies).

It was inevitable that this special brand of culinary ingenuity would find its way to the breakfast table. Step aside egg matzo and matzo brei, because kosher for Passover luxe granola has joined the ranks of holiday breakfast possibilities.

Made in Brooklyn at the Hirsch Brothers Bakery under strict Orthodox supervision, Savta's Pesach Granola is certified kosher for Passover by the by the Organized Kashrus Laboratories. The granola, a mixture of farfal (broken matzo), sliced almonds, coconut, honey, and brown sugar, is sweet and crunchy, with the distinct aroma of toasted matzo. Another variation is embellished with dried cranberries. Have it as a cereal in milk, sprinkled on yogurt, or straight from the bag.

So, what's coming next from the Passover culinary labs? The world's first Passover granola bar, according to Savta's Web site: "Savta is busy working on modifying the recipe and the baking process in order to produce the best kosher for Passover granola bar ever made."

Savta's Pesach Granola is $9.95 for a one pound bag. It may be ordered online at or by phone at 866.697.2882. The granola is also available for purchase in New York City at The Kosher Marketplace, 2442 Broadway (212.580.6378), as well as other retail locations nationwide.



Thanks for the info. Living in the wilds of the U.P. of Michigan is a challenge for a Jew. I had to have my mom send me a care package of Passover food and also had to shop online from Manischewitz. I don't know what the other Jewish families here do...I guess they are shlepping to Green Bay, WI. to shop!!!


Oh, and speaking of LA in NYC, have you heard that there is a JavaJuice in the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle? More are apparently on the way. I'm really hoping for an In n' Out Burger on the east coast soon!


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