Second Annual Central Park Flower Show









Around this time last year, I posted photos of spring flowers shot during an early morning walk through Central Park, employing a tenuous connection between the profusion of flowers and the bounty of spring vegetables arriving in stores and markets.

This year, The Food Section is going completely off topic and just posting photos of spring flowers in Central Park with no food-related content whatsoever.

The photos were taken yesterday morning, and looking at them again now is bringing tears to my eyes . . . and sneezes to my nose. I'm talking a serious allergic reaction! But, it was worth it. The flowers are simply stunning, and I have filled my Allegra prescription.

For more allergy-inducing photos, view a slideshow of the rest of the images.



They ARE lovely!!!


Hi Josh,

What a lovely show!!

Take care :o


Lovely photos. You're very good with composition. It reminds me that I should take a walk in Central Park myself :-) And enjoy it!


I read this somewhere: If there was a planet without any flowers, and a visitor came here from there, he would see the flowers here, and he would be astounded by them, and he would be amazed that the people on earth have any desire or motivation to do anything except stand around all the day long and admire the flowers. Thanks for very good photos!


Hi Josh - as well as the flowers, your photos are simply stunning. I can tell that you enjoyed taking them, even though you got an allergic reaction... Thanks so much for the beautiful post.


Just took a similar walk there yesterday and was wishing I had brought along my camera. I was near 110th street and 5th ave and the circular garden with the girls dancing fountain was BREATHTAKING! The tulips are all blooming and absolutley fabulous. I hope they are still out when I go back on Saturday morning. Oh, and the LILACS! Wow! Don't miss out! Thanks for the lovely pics. I found you when I searched under "central park flower show" in yahoo FYI.

Thanks! Happy SPRING!!!!!


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