Introducing Mobile Menu


I've had a camera phone for about a year, and I've toyed with the idea of using it to create a moblog (mobile weblog) of food photos ever since I first made its purchase. But, it was not until seeing Clotilde's shiny new moblog, a fantastic window on Paris, that I finally got inspired to do something about it.

So, today, I'm introducing Mobile Menu, a photoblog of images uploaded from my cellular phone. Stay tuned for low resolution pictures of restaurant signage, street eats, and random edibles from New York City and beyond.

I've added a permanent link to Mobile Menu on the left sidebar, and if you really like fuzzy food photos, you can even subscribe to the site via its own RSS feed. What's more, all of the images at Mobile Menu may also be viewed at photo-sharing site flickr.

[P.S. Does anyone out there know how to combine the RSS feeds of all three blogs (The Food Section, Appetizers, and Mobile Menu) into one single feed? If so, please send me an email.]



Thanks for another great idea.


Hey Josh, I don't know how to combine RSS feeds, but I would love to know. Would you please let me know what you find out?


Yay, it's up! Looking forward to this takeout window onto NYC!


When I saw mobile menu, I thought
drive through...but mobile menu can
be more interesting.



This looks a good idea for followers.


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