When planning our visit to Montreal, I found that the Internet was indispensable. I've put together a list of useful Web sites that have a focus on food and dining in Montreal (if I'm missing anything, please let me know):

» From the Montreal suburbs comes Banlieusardises, Martine's French language site on food and other diversions (there's also an English language counterpart, Suburblicious).
» While not strictly a food blog, per se, blork blog frequently turns its attention to matters of cooking and dining in Montreal.
» The official site for Montreal's public markets provides detailed information on Atwater Market and Jean Talon Market.
» Montreal Food publishes restaurant reviews and other insights into Montreal's food scene.
» Les meilleurs cafés à Montréal offers a short round up of the best cafés in the city.
» offers Montreal restaurant reviews as well as additional pages with travel-related information.
» provides a handy guide to Montreal's restaurants.

As this Moveable Feast comes to a close, here's a look back at all of the posts on Montreal food -- from "happy pig chops" to crunchy bagels to rousse beer:

» Destination: Montreal, Canada
» Montreal, Where the Pig Chops Are Happy
» To Market, To Market on Two Wheels
» Source: From Bagels to Baluchons
» La Petite Italie
» Reach for la Rousse



It's been a pleasure following your Montreal adventures, Josh! I refered a lot of friends to your stories. I think you describe Montreal's foodie sides in a fantastic manner! I hope you had a good time (I'm sure you had, in fact!) and if you ever come back, let's try to meet... in the suburbs or the city, both are great for me!


Hi Martine,

I'm glad you enjoyed it. We loved visiting Montreal, and I'm sure that we'll return. When we do, it would be great to meet in person. Thank you, again, for all the great advice on places to go.


thank you so much for this! now i have to find someone to go to montreal with me. :-)


We weren't around when you made your trip to Montreal, but we're a young (2 months) Montreal-based food blog that's covering the food scene up here, among other things.
I enjoyed your Montreal round-up.
Keep up the good work.


oh yeah:
and our URL is:
(and now we're 5 months old!)


Hey all! You can also try this site, it's very interesting:



Hey Josh,

Since everyone seems to propose its own blog, here's mine (in French):

When will you be back in Mtl ?



Don't forget It's really the best site for restaurants in Montreal.


restaurant-montreal... HAHAHAHAHAA what a scam and joke of a site, stick to your garderie and real-estate sites, you will be better off... Oh come on, everyone in Montreal knows that the best restaurants guide is, with over 9000 reviews compared to 3 reviews on that other site, how can you even compare it ? has been around since 2004 and has over 2000 restaurants listed, 300 of them with photos and menus. Only one place to go when you’re hungry and it’s, trust me …


Youa can see also


This is a wonderful site! I’ve been looking for something like this
for a while now!


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