Shopping List: Nutella Snack & Drink


Imagine if Kraft hired a group of Italian taste-makers and product designers to create a concept for an overhaul of its disturbing lunchables line, and there you have Nutella Snack & Drink.

Made by Ferrero, which produces Nutella, the chocolate and hazelnut confection, the cylinder-shaped Nutella Snack & Drink is divided into compartments containing a serving of Nutella, bread-sticks to scoop it out, and a splash of iced tea to wash everything down.

This product was a staple at all of the roadside Autogrills when we visited Italy two years ago. Now, you can find it stateside at Buon Italia at Chelsea Market.

For more information (in Italian only), visit the official Nutella Web site and click on "Nutella Snack and Drink," which features a very compelling commercial (download zip). While you're there, be sure to check out mynutella, the Nutella online community, where you can pledge your love for the spread and view the latest photos from Nutella "Live at the Beach."

Nutella Snack & Drink is $3.25 at Buon Italia, Chelsea Market, 75 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011 (212.633.9090).



We love nutella-- we have US and Danish nutella. We pretty much avoid anything with partially hydrogenated fats EXCEPT nutella!
:) maia
P.S. this is a great site! thanks for the nutella links!


Thanks, Maia. Well, if you were going to have partially hydrogenated fats, they might as well taste like chocolate and hazelnut!



There is a fairly new gelato place on Shattuck Avenue (remember your hometown?)that serves the most amazing nutella gelato. Ben has it solo, and I have it with espresso gelato. Truly amazing!



Ben has a very advanced palate! I think Lisa has mentioned that gelato spot to me. Is this the place (Gelateria Naia)?


i read a advertisement in a magazine in the us about a recipe for pumpkin pie using nutella. can anyone find this recipe? i think it would be a great recipe for the fall season. thank you for your attention.


where can i buy nutella snacks and drink here in brisbane australia?


hope to buy that soon here in the Phils. :)


Where i can find nutella snack & drink in colombia?


can you buy these in sydney australia?


how can i get that here in the U.S?


is there anywhere to buy Nutella Snack & Drink in Melbourne, Australia?


This is very interesting and creative. I for one love nutella and iced tea. I think that this would be an excellent item to waste my money on. While I don't really know anything about the prices of nutella items, this seems pretty cheap. To add on the item has a drink with it. This would be a lot less of a hassle, instead of having to buy multiple items to get a good snack, you can buy this item with the nutella, breadsticks and iced tea. I don't know if there is anytihng better than this. I only hope that this will be available in local food markets near me soon.


I remember getting these in a woolies in australia ages ago, and they were the greatest, but then one day they vanished :(


Man looks good. I'm going to find one now.


Nutella is one of my favorite food. I think this kind of food is really not healthy for the kids.


I likes nutella. Ever since my whole family got drowned it's my favorite thing to do. Niahaha o boy.


Hey, how can I get it sent to Russia? Thx for any help!


Wow, looks amazing!


Nice post! Thanks a lot.


It seems a great combination for my breakfast. I wanna shop this too.


Would they sell this at Costco stores in Australia ?!
This is insanely amazing!


am I the only one who thinks it is revolting to snack on a tub of partially hydrogenated fat and sugar?


Wow, I love nutella! This post makes me crave to taste it right now.


I wish that all Nutella products be available here in the Philippines! There is a Nutella shortage here. LOL. :D


Nutela snacks and drink is really tasty and i would like to add those items for my shopping list.Thanks a lot.


Excellent post. I merely came across your site and wished to say that I have really loved reading through your blog posts. Any ways I’ll be subscribing for your feed and I hope you post again soon.


I can see this being a quick, very welcome snack by the kiddies. Heck; I may keep one for myself.


Yes,People like snacks and drinks.Because it adds some refreshment and make you feel good.When it comes about snacks and drink the only thing that I can think is Nutella.


People like snacks and drinks.I also use to take them when I feel to take it.Nutella has a good reputation in the world of snacks and drinks.


My little sister was talking about this Nutella Snack & Drink taste and quality and requested me take a whole box for her. I have doubt before I see it's food value and judge it's quality.You explained it nicely and clear all my hesitations.


Wow its looks too tasty.It likes great combination for anyone's breakfast.I wanna shop this.I wish that all Nutella products be available here all over Australia Though we can collect this very easily.


I don't know if there is anything better than this. I only hope that this will be available in local food markets near me soon.It is really tasty and i would like to add those items for my shopping list.


Nutela snacks and drinks is tasty. I add this as well as another drinks to my family. When I go to shopping I must buy it.


Hey what's wrong with lunchables lol. I practically grew up on those - which I've now replaced with Fage Greek yogurt, of course:


Nutella chocolate may be my favorite topping out of all the choices in the world. Thanks for sharing this - you're a Gee!


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Europe had so destroyed corn and soybean feed crops that a reduction of pork production was inevitable.


Be moderate with sweet foods to prevent teeth cavities. :)


"Nutella", that's my favorite bread spread. A truly a great one..


Do have it in brisbane australia?


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