Queens Boulevard Goes Googie


While perhaps not technically googie in its architecture, the eye-catching style of Pop Diner recalls the classic 1950s and 1960s diners that dot the Los Angeles landscape.

Located across the street from "Big Boy's Toys," an auto parts store, on a nondescript block of Queens Boulevard, Pop Diner has just opened in what was formerly the Sage Diner. The space has been completely renovated from floor to ceiling, complete with orange and black vinyl booths and shimmering aqua glass tables.

It's a slice of L.A. in New York City.

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Pop Diner, 80-26 Queens Boulevard, Elmhurst, Queens (718.426.2229).



Oh, and speaking of LA in NYC, have you heard that there is a JavaJuice in the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle? More are apparently on the way. I'm really hoping for an In n' Out Burger on the east coast soon!


There's a JambaJuice on 42nd across from the library as well.


The POP diner on Queens Blvd (formerly The SAGE Diner) Is just another greasy spoon,the menu is half the size of the old Sage Diners,
the service Stinks and they are not a child friendly diner.
The Bathrooms were filthy and had no soap in the dispensers (how does the staff wash their hands? Invisible soap?) and I was told that there was also no soap or toilet paper in the ladies room.
The service is slower than a crosstown bus ride and the Waitress that served us was a complete moron.

My advise to anyone thinking about eating in this Dump is Don't Do It!


I went to the Pop Diner this weekend, and although I find the decor visually appealing, the service wasn't great -- there simply were not enough waiters and waitresses to handle the crowds there. The food was OK, but really not much different from the much bigger and quicker Georgia Diner across Queens Blvd.


i just found this blog through google and i'm very enthused re: the new POP. i was always a fan of the sage, having grown up in forest hills, but the visuals were impressive. then again, i'm a very big fan of the whole retro/mod movement. anyway, the food was excellent - but we had the standard diner fare of grilled cheese sandwiches, onion rings, french fries and chocolate milkshakes. i'm not sure if i'd venture into the asian/caribbean specialties!

we also went somewhat late at night (10pm) so the service was fine and friendly.

we'll definitely be back again and again.


I dont know what anyone is talking about because I have been there several times and I have found the food to be fresh and delicious and the staff to be courteous and efficient. I was there today and had a rib steak that was perfectly cooked and fresh spinach with garlic that was excellent. I had Maryland crab cakes that were tasty. I also had a salad that was fresh, not wilted and brown like alot of other restaurants. The food is not the common boring fare offered at most other diners.
I love this place. I will definitely go there again and again.


Look, ignore the bad comments. Pop is a very cool place. It's not the cramped NY diner that most would expect in NY. It's got elbow room. The furniture is really cool and it's not all retro - there are HUGE flat screen tvs on all the walls. PLUS, come on, the food is pretty great. The burgers come with fries AND rings - come on. It's a little (one or two bucks) more than other places nearby but really worth it. It's a GREAT place to take friends from out of town.


We tried out pop diner today. The food was below average. The waiter was not informative not intelligent. We will not go there again. They have made mistake in receipt, but The management did not correct it. I do not recommand pop diner. do not waste your money.


i moved to woodide, queens about a year ago and noticed this cool place from the road and never bother to stop, until today. i was ASTOUNDED as i never expected such a cool place here. the attention to detail in the decor was very, very surprising. i dig the 50's look and sh*t this place rocks. seriously, it's one of the coolest places i've been to in NYC. someone needs to shoot a movie scene in there.


I took my family out to eat at Pop diner tonight, I have gone to may other establishments but never have i been so satisfied with everything. It was one of the cleanest places around and how dare people compare this to georgia this is what a real restaurant should be like. the food was excellent, the service was fast even though they were exptemely busy. my kids loved it, this is definetly worth coming to again. Try it..trust me..


I am a regular customer now of Pop Diner, since their grand opening me and my buddies have found this place to be the coolest spot on queens boulevard to eat at...especially on the overnights, after a long night of dancing the enviroment found at Pop is hot..the servers are young and full of life, the service was excellent, and the food is not like any other diner...georgia diner stands no comp. to Pop. I recommend Pop to everyone that i know.


dont know what yu talk about but it seems yu just got back from th moon since yu a lunatic and always ticked off

service is great as usual

food is great

ok there may be one bad apple in a bunch of pearls but it seems that he might be that bad apple


the decor and atmosphere are definitely different and cool. a nice hangout for teens. i feel that the food is not at it's best. i've been there a few times and have not been impressed with my room temperature soups and dry chicken. This place has a lot of potential because the space is awesome. But the food... yeah... it can do a lot better.


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Thank you, great stuff as usual.Oh, and speaking of LA in NYC, have you heard that there is a JavaJuice in the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle? More are apparently on the way. I'm really hoping for an In n' Out Burger on the east coast soon!



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