Shrimp and Grits

mfdcThere are those who say DC is a Southern town, those who say DC is a Northern town tucked into the South, and there's John F. Kennedy, who said DC offered only the best of Southern efficiency and Northern hospitality. I say DC is a territory with no representation for all its taxation.

But chefs around here spare not with the Southern food. Surprisingly, Georgia Brown's is one of our only restaurants that advertises itself as a Southern eatery. But it's hardly the only spot serving spoonbread, collard greens, Black Forest ham, fried catfish and fancy versions of coleslaw. My old boss Susan McCreight Lindeborg serves some of the city's finest hushpuppies at The Majestic Café. And who doesn't serve some version of shrimp and cheese grits?

I wish I liked cheese grits, because they are so ubiquitous. I like plain grits. I know to get those at the Florida Avenue Grill, any morning but Sunday when they are closed. But cheese grits taste like a lot of melted cheese with too much pepper and salt, with the grainy texture of gooey hominy.

I wish shrimp and grits faded in favor of more fried chicken. Until then, I'll happily make it at home: Bell & Evans soaked in buttermilk, crisped up in Crisco. No cheese.



Gotta love that catchy Campero jingle. Is there one in D.C.? I read in the New York Times that a branch is coming soon to Corona, Queens.


Word quickly spread of its opening here because the lines were circling around the store, and the waits were stretching into hours. I think we're now up to five: three in Virginia and two in Maryland.


Ahhhh...Shrimp & Grits. Now there is a newcomer to town that is a "to die for" not to be missed option. The restaurant in the Madison Hotel called Palette recently hired Chef James Clark who has completely revamped there menu. I hosted a local La Chaine de Rotisseur dinner there last month (menu can be found in past events section of website) and James added a complimentary surprise course of Shrimp & Grits. If you thought you had Shrimp & Grits before -- wait until your mouth gets a taste of these!!! Our group consists of other local restaurant owners and chefs and we all took our hats off to Chef Clarks' extraordinary meal. It is a must go. If you are really daring -- challenge the Chef to make you a Chef's tasting meal. It is not available on the menu, but we did on another occasion and lover it. gateway s62044l battery ,


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