Oh Give Me a Home ...

mfdcWhere the buffalo roam ... and the deer and the antelope play ... well, DC has the first two. The antelopes don't roam so much as hang out at the National Zoo, but today I have just seen roaming bison with my own eyes, not two hours from the nation's capital. Cibola Farms in Culpeper, VA raise grass-fed, very free ranging bison, rabbits, chickens and goats. The goats graze a little too far back from the road to admire them, but the buffalo are right up front. The self-touring guidelines warn you that bison are wild and not to be trusted; all the same, I got to stand pretty close to a mother bison with her baby calf, and they looked very mellow. But apparently a low-stress lifestyle is an important part of the Cibola Farms process. I'll get to try the results soon: I took home a couple of ribeyes for the holiday weekend.

I'm over the moon. "Home on the Range" was a favorite lullaby when I was little, and I suppose I always did want such a home. And now I have one.



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