Shopping List: Spring's Bounty







Is there anything more beautiful than Central Park in early spring?

It's bloomin' amazing!

You can chalk this post up to an excuse to post these photos (taken over the past week), but the emergence of these blossoms is an emphatic visual statement that spring has finally arrived, along with the season's ingredients.

Spring flowers herald spring vegetables, from asparagus to ramps (actually, these wild leeks seem to be making an early April arrival, say some), and just on the horizon, according the Greenmarket Farmers Market calendar, the following vegetables will be harvested and brought to market in May: Asparagus, beet greens, herbs, lettuce, lima beans, parsnips, radishes, rhubarb, scallions, spinach, and turnip greens.



Simply beautiful. Put me down for one of those as well. ;-)


Beautiful photos!


That's soo gorgeous. I'm just transfixed by the photo of the bleeding hearts. I really want to plant some in my front yard, but Foodgoat thinks it's morbid.

But it's such a pretty morbid!


Amazing pictures. When I think I've never been to NYC, what a shame !


It has been a fabulous season for flowering trees in New York this year, after a poor crop (mangled by late frost) last spring. Great billows of magnolia, followed by thick trusses of cherry and apple blossom, all backed by the shimmering pale greens of the new leaves and the tiny flower tassels of oaks. Thanks for the pictures.


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