Shopping List: Latte di Mandorla


Look closely at the stand in this photo posted earlier, and you will see an advertisement for Latte di Mandorla (almond milk), an Italian beverage made from a concentrated paste of ground almonds diluted with water to form a sweet, milky drink.

According to Marcella Magliulo at Buon Italia in Chelsea Market, almond milk is typically served cold, on ice, as a refreshing drink to quench the summer heat in Italy. The smooth, white milk tastes like liquid almonds. The drink may also be varied with the addition of fruit syrups, says Ms. Magliulo.

For an unorthodox improvisation, I like to put a small amount on hot cereal as a sweet and flavorful substitute for milk.

Buon Italia also sells an almond paste which may be diluted with water to make Latte di Mandorla, or used as an ingredient in cooking.

Latte di Mandorla is $3.45 for one liter at Buon Italia at Chelsea Market, 75 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011 (212.633.9090).