About The Food Section

Headshot2 Born in Boston, Massachusetts, and raised on the mean streets of the “Gourmet Ghetto” of Berkeley, California, Josh Friedland has pursued a lifelong passion for cooking and dining. In July 2003, he turned his obsession into The Food Section (thefoodsection.com), a pioneering weblog about food, wine, and travel. Josh Friedland's writing has appeared in the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Based in New York City, The Food Section publishes original food writing and photography and scours the web for links to culinary news and events, recipes, and gastronomical ephemera.

Praise for The Food Section

Gourmet magazine featured The Food Section in its April 2004 issue, noting: "With its simple, elegant design, thoughtful postings, and comprehensive links, The Food Section is the consummate gastronomic blog." In November 2005, Food & Wine magazine named The Food Section publisher and editor Josh Friedland a Tastemaker in its annual Tastemaker awards issue.

Bon Appetit featured The Food Section in its 2005 "What's Hot" issue. The Food Section has also been featured in the pages of the Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, and New York Daily News. Time.com lists The Food Section among the “25 Essential Foodie Websites” in its Food Web Guide, USA Today selected it as a Hot Site, and Yahoo! recognized The Food Section as a Yahoo Picks! site. Manhattan User’s Guide says, “If you haven't discovered it already, chances are you're not a foodie: The Food Section, www.thefoodsection.com, puts many glossy food magazines to shame.”

Navigating the Site

Recent Appetizers, links to food-related points of interest, are posted on the right column of the main page, with archives of older links available on their own dedicated page.

Shopping List (complete archives here) tracks the latest books, gadgets, gear, and cooking equipment supplies.

Quotable (archives here) collects choice cuts culled from the food media.

Mobile Menu is a mobile weblog (moblog) of food-oriented photos uploaded by cameraphone from the streets of New York City and beyond. The latest photo is displayed on the home page, with archives posted here.


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