The Hooterization of Baristas

Are sexy baristas the new breastaurants?


Breakfast for Dinner, Dinner for Breakfast

In the New York Times, Julia Moskin explores how chefs are mining the breakfast table for dinner and dessert ideas. Meanwhile, Mark Bittman says it's time to eat savory stuff, not sugary cereal, with your morning coffee.


Paris Bureau: The Rise of Le sandwich

The French market for sandwiches has jumped 28% over the pat five years: "Is the global slump turning a nation of civilised lunchers into one of convenience snackers?"


Bullish on "Breastaurants"

Hooters is facing a challenge by Twin Peaks and other upstart eateries (insert your favorite pun here) adopting the increasingly popular "breastaurant" concept. Via coldmud.


Blueberries in Your Burger?

Cherry burgers and other fruit-enhanced hamburgers are the new hotness.


The New Black: Goat, Natural Sugars, and Soy Sauce Crystals

Food & Wine predicts the trendsetting ingredients for 2009.


2008 Food Trends

"Recession dining" tops Time's list of the top ten food trends for 2008.


From Corporate to Camembert

White collar workers are turning to the "romance of the cheese world.'


The Growing Brotherhood of "Gastrosexuals"

Stovetop Seduction []


Dashi Increases the Umami Index

Kombu Dashi, a traditional Japanese stock made from kombu (dried kelp, right) and bonito flakes, is newly popular among Western chefs who applaud it for its high umami content and simple, light flavor (compared to meat-based broths).

The Secret’s Out as Japanese Stock Gains Fans [New York Times]