That's Italian

In Risotto Rising, the WSJ eats Italian by way of Tokyo."Michelin Guide awards one star to seven Italian restaurants and two stars to another, buttressing the claim commonly heard here that Tokyo boasts a generally higher level of quality than Rome."

A Pastry Eater's Guide to Mt. Etna

A sweet and flaky journey through the pastry shops of Sicily's Mt. Etna. 


Secret Suppers

A roundup of the worlds best underground dining clubs, from Texas to Tokyo.


Paris Chocolate on Two Wheels

A bike tour of the best chocolate boutiques in Paris.


Tokyo: Most Starred City

As in 2008, the 2009 edition of the Michelin restaurant guide to Tokyo has awarded more stars to restaurants there than than to any other city in the world.


Dining 50 Meters Over Milan


Suspended by a crane, a sky-high restaurant has been flying 50 meters over the city of Milan, complete with table service and live music.

Dining in the sky the new way to see Milan [Reuters]


Mario Batali's Travel Gear: Salami, Feta, and Capers

When Mario Batali packs for a trip, he doesn't leave without his salami, Greek feta, balsamic vinegar, 8 to 10 kinds of cheeses, dried sweet corn, fleur de sel, and capers.


Madrid Eats

In Travel + Leisure, where to find the best new restaurants in Spain's capital city.


Eating L.A. Without Valet Parking

A guide to dining by rail along L.A.'s subway and light rail stops


Repast on Rails

Ekiben Ekiben, short for eki bento ("station lunchbox"), combine two pleasures of visiting Japan: traveling by rail and eating. See also: Photos posted to flickr by ekiben devotees and a map for navigating ekiben by train station.