Pizza Delivery in the Digital Age

The Wall Street Journal tests out various methods of ordering pizzas on the Internets, including via Facebook and TiVo..


Chief Turkey Officer

How to get organized for Thanksgiving using lessons learned from the business sector.


Reducing Refrigerator Spoilage

Refrigerator makers are pushing new models designed to reduce spoilage and wasted food.


Wine Alert

A high-tech shipping label, about the size of a sugar packet, is now being used to warn customers if their wine was overheated during transport. The labels can be programmed for a range of temperatures and placed directly on the product or its packaging. A flashing light indicates whether the wine is okay (green) or damaged (yellow).


Dining 2.0: "e-menus" and Impulse Dining

Restaurants in Europe and Japan are testing new "e-menu" technologies that enable diners to order via touch screens. "It's about impulse-buying," said Adi Chitayat of Conceptic, one of the companies developing the digital menus. "If a person starts looking at pictures of chocolate cake, the chances are he'll order it."


Test Drive: The Ikan

Comparing it to George Jetson's "Food-a-Rac-a-Cycle," David Pogue reviews the Ikan, a countertop device designed to eliminate trips to the supermarket.


The Alarm Fork and Other Unuseless Inventions

Totally Absurd Inventions collects real patents of bizarre inventions that bring to life the (fake, but funny) Chindohgu, "the art of 'the unuseless idea'." There are a number of culinary inventions in the mix, including a mobile picnic table, an alarm fork to control overeating, and a motorized ice cream cone for speed-licking. Via Core77.


Vegan Chef Gives Up on Google

After two years at Google, raw food chef Patrick Hogan found that he couldn't sway the search engine's omnivorous staff: "I thought if I could just get in there, I could have them go vegan," Hogan said. "It didn't quite work out that way." He now works at a wildlife center feeding hummingbirds and other fauna.


Wet Phone? Rice to the Rescue

Things to do with rice #596: The next time you accidentally drop your cellphone in a puddle (or, lets be honest, a toilet), a bag of dry race can help remove moisture and nurse it back to life.


The Waiterless Restaurant

A German restaurant has dispensed with the need for waiters by designing an automated restaurant that employs touch screen computers at tables to place orders and a rail system to deliver food from the kitchen.