Not Your Ordinary Donut

These "donut pies" may look like donuts, but they are really rings of pastry dough which have been stuffed with fillings and deep-fried. Via not martha.


Twine and Dine

The joy of cooking with string: "You gotta love any kitchen tool that you can get at Home Depot."


How Sword Swallowing Works

Sword swallowing is no trick. It's real. New Scientist explains how it's done.


Whither the Pasta-Water Paradigm?

Writer Harold McGee does the unthinkable -- cooking pasta in a smaller ratio of water than is customary -- and it turns out fine (saves water and energy too).


Skimming Tips

Four ways to get the fat out of your stock, including dipping a spoon in ice water before skimming ("the cold metal will cause fats in the foam to coagulate and stick to the bottom of the spoon").


How to Cook Sausages

Don't prick your sausages. "poach" them in hot oil.


Boy Scouts and Dutch Ovens

Boy Scouts master art of Dutch Oven cooking []


How To Turn Your Kitchen Into a Science Lab

Dry-Ice Martini and Electric Cake [New York Times]


In Season: Autumn Leaf Pies

Savory and sweet Autumn leaf Pies [not martha]


Author Mark Kurlansky (he of Salt) on How to Store Your Oil

Essential Oil [Bon Appetit]