Spaghetti Roundup

Taste Test: The Los Angeles Times rounds up the best dried spaghetti on the market. Latini, a TFS favorite, comes out on top.


Mock Lobster

Taste Test: Lobster expert Trevor Corson, author of The Secret Life of Lobsters, details his encounter with a mock lobster.


Organic Milk Matchup

Taste Test: New York magazine sees how organic milks match up.


Salt Smackdown

MaldonTaste Test: With its "giant pyramid-shaped flakes," Maldon sea salt wins top honors in Slate's salt smackdown: "One taster expounded, 'Lovely! Looks like dandruff but tastes like food. It's a salty snack on its own.'"


Kosher Dogs

Taste Test: "There's no way to know this for sure, but I would suggest that kosher frankfurters first entered the wider American consciousness in the 1970s, thanks to, of all things, a TV commercial," writes "Food Maven" Matthew Goodman in The Forward. His overview of frankfurter history is accompanied by a round up of kosher hot dogs (including beef, chicken, and buffalo varieties). Top dog honors go to Abeles & Heymann.